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Gear for Elk/Deer Hunts


Quiet Camo Outerwear

Warm Thermal Under clothes

Warm Socks (waterproof)

Warm Boots (waterproof)

Lighter Weight Boots (waterproof)

Good Quality Rain Gear

Gloves 2-3 pair

Orange Cap and Jacket/Vest – Gun Hunts

Warm Stocking Hat/Beenie

Sleeping Bag


Towel and Washcloth

Wet Wipes

Unscented Deodorant


Bow or Gun

Ammo or Arrows

*100% polyester clothing is highly recommended as it dries very fast.



Items for Your Backpack

Emergency Space Blanket

Waterproof Matches


Extra Socks and Tshirts

Nylon Rope

Large Plastic Bag

Knife and Small Saw

Pain Medicine

Flashlight or Headlamp




Fire Starter


Toilet Paper

Small First Aid Kit

Wet Wipes


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